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Bible College

Bible College


"How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10:14-15.


Tell people that Christianity is all about Love: Love for God, and love for neighbour. Our love for God comes first, and we do always and everywhere try to serve Him. And, because He is the Heavenly Father of us all, we love all our neighbours and do our best to serve them in whichever way we can, because what we do for (or to) His children, we do for or to Him.


So we the KESSS MINISTRY have been sending the Native missionaries to the Unreached remote areas to share the LOVE OF GOD and Preaching about GOD OUR SAVIOUR to have them SALVATION . We pray for the sick and suffering . Visiting them in the times of Needs . Making them more stronger in praying .


Go? or Send?

This is the theme of KESSS. It is not easy for a poor man who has received a clear call from the Lord to go to a Bible college, unless the Bible College is in the position to meet his needs for food, lodging, and teaching.

By the Grace of the Lord, we started our first Bible College under a mango tree with 12 students. They had burning hearts to learn Gods word. They never looked for a building or for classrooms, but were willing to sit on the ground under a mango tree to learn Gods word.

At the time, the course was just two months long. At the completion of the course, we fasted and prayed. Then, we sent them back to their own people to establish churches within their own communities. Today, most of those very first students have become pioneers of the mission work in their respective areas. Further, each one of them has established more than 2 churches.

From that humble beginning, we have trained 96 students. Of those students, 73 on both Telangana and Andhra  are on the mission field fulltime, investing their lives by standing on the front line. The theme of this project is training, equipping, sending and planting. Our vision is to have native missionaries reach their people group.

Romans 10:13-14

• Who will go?
• Who will send?
• Who will pray?
• Who will support?
• Who will stand

How can you be a part?

Our missionaries are poor men. When they receive the call to ministry from the Lord, they have no money. What they do have is a heart to serve and a desire to learn more about Our Wonderful Saviour and His word. Yet, they are not able to afford Bible college fees, but they want to prepare themselves. In such cases, we provide shelter, food, and teaching at no cost to them. Therefore, we request your genuine prayers and support for this project.

(A) To provide food for a month for a Bible college student, the cost is Rs.2500 (US $50/£32 /€40)

(D) When newly graduated pastors go out into the mission field to establish a church, there are no believers and no church. So, they have to start their own mission. We provide support to these new pastors for four to five years, or until they are able to derive enough support from the newly established church.

New Bible College Building (Facility):

We started our first Native Missionaries Training program under a tree in a backward village, called Rajapuram. We praying for a proper facility for our Bible College for many years. We need a hand to construct a new Bible college Building . So, We are planning to start this Great Work .