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Orphans Care || Koya Evangelical Social Service Society

Orphans Care

Orphans Care

Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.


Orphans and needy childrens care:


On June 9, 2004, Brother ELISHA started the first orphanage with seven orphans in a backward village called Rajapuram. With many tears, Elisha took these orphans into his heart and hand, and brought them to his small village home. Many people thought that Elisha was crazy, and were disappointed in him. They did not think that he would be able to take care of the children and his family. Brother Elishas trust was in the Lord Jesus. This humble orphans work began to grow. From that small and humble beginning until today, KESSS mission takes care of over 53 orphans and needy children. Elishas heart beat is preparing Jesus Orphans Army in India.Still there are Hundereds of Orphans there to be taken care .Since we dont have any support we are finding difficult to help more kids .But if you come forward to help we will surely take care of many Oprhans.


David a very humble person towards everyone and good support for his Father . its very less to know about him . While he was returning back from a conference . He found a boy begging and he asked him where are your parents ? Boy replied i lost them and Non of our neighbours want us to be with them . He asked him will you come with me . Boy replied . Can you provide me a bread to give my sister she was suffering with fever since 4 days . He asked if i give bread is it sufficient for you both . he replied if my sister stomach was filled . then my stomach too filled . David eyes filled with tears and took the little girl and boy into his hands and gave them food to eat took them to Orphanage . Now they are studying well . friends please pray  That many receive the same love in the coming days . A child doesnt Get a Love of Family is Injustice . Lets come share the Love of you and our God . and wipe the Tears of children 


Condition of Children after they came to Orphanage:


Today, Even though we dont have any help ,By studying in Governments school they are proving there talent . In the future, we are planning to build a technical school for the boys. At the moment, many of our boys and girls finish high school and then go on to obtain a university education. Some are studying now to become engineers, nurses and other type professionals. Our goal is to have these children saved, educated, and prepared to become tomorrows leaders of the nation.


You can help sponsor a child/children:

Dear friends, you are most welcome to become one of our sponsors today. We have hundreds of children in need of sponsorship. You may not be able to help every child, but, you can change one life at a time. You can help an orphan or needy child to become a leader for tomorrow. One day, you may hear one of them thanking you and saying, "thank you for giving me life."


Two Types of Sponsorships:


(1) You may sponsor one or more children in one of the orphanages.
(2) You, along with your friends or your church, may adopt one of the village orphanages as your very own orphanage to support on a monthly basis.
We have orphanages of varying sizes – small, medium, and large. If you are interested in supporting a particular sized orphanage, please advise us and we will send you the complete details of that particular orphanage. You, your team and/or guests are welcome to come and visit your orphanage at your


A Dollar May not be significant in the United states . It can usually found in the ashtray of the most cars . Dollars are left around on restaurant tables as tips . However,  A dollar goes a long way in the Tribal villages in India


Our Needs:

(1) Supporters are needed.
(2) More orphanages need to be built.
(3) Schools need to be built.
Orphans Food Needed per month for 45 Children:
(1) Rice per month - 6 Tonnes
(2) Sugar per month - 45 Kilos
(3) Tea Power - 26 Kages
(4) Dall - 35 Tonnes
(5) Eggs - 480
(6) Vegetables - 35 kilos
(7) Oil - 60 Kgs.
(8) Soaps - 880
(9) Breads, Biscuits and etc .,.

(Note: This is only just for food, there are other needs like medicine, staff salaries, education, Maintenance, transportation and etc.,. )


Our Goals:


Our goal is to house and care for 5000 orphans and needy children within the next five years. Our goal is to change these childrens lives by giving them the resources and the tools necessary to have a better future and eternal life.


How can I help?


1. You may sponsor a child by contributing $35 /£20/ €30 per month. (Price may change as child enters high school and pursues advanced levels of education).
2. We accept regular donations by check directly to our office, or you may electronically transfer funds through our website account.